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Frequently Asked Questions

If you witness our marriage, will it be legal in the eyes of the state?

I have civil authority to officiate at your wedding ceremony and your wedding will be legal in the eyes of the state. My authority comes from the International Council of Community Churches, through CITI Ministries and the Society of Christ’s Priesthood, who recognize me as being a Validly Ordained Priest.

Will our marriage be recognized by the Catholic Church?

Although I am a priest, I am no longer considered to be a “ cleric “ within the Catholic Church. Although the Catholic Church recognizes that I  am a Validly Ordained Priest, I am not permitted to function as a priest within the Catholic Church because of my decision to marry. Catholic Church Law requires that people who seek the sacrament of marriage follow Church “form”.  What this means is that individuals are to be married before a priest or a deacon and that the marriage is to occur in a church and in the presence of at least two witnesses. Since we are not following this “form“, your marriage will be recognized by the Catholic Church only as legal, but not sacramental. If you wish to have your marriage recognized or “blessed” by the Church in the future you would embark upon a process called convalidation. Please be advised that  not  all  marriages are able to be convalidated, especially if there was a prior marriage where an annulment needs to be filed. Each situation is different and unique.

How long will our ceremony last?

I talk with each couple in order to customize their ceremony. This is your wedding; it is your day. As a result,  I want to assure that your ceremony will include things that are personal and special to you.  For this reason, the length of each ceremony will vary. Generally speaking, the ceremony will last from 17 to 20 minutes.

Where will you celebrate our wedding Ceremony ?

I will celebrate your wedding ceremony wherever you wish. It may be at a home, a backyard, a garden, on the beach,  or any place that is special to you. I am able to celebrate a ceremony anywhere in the state of Florida and in some circumstances outside the country

Who is responsible for obtaining the marriage license?

The couple is responsible for obtaining the marriage license. You may obtain your license from the office of the Clerk of Courts in any county in Florida. The current fee for the license is $96.50. The license is good for 60 days from the date of issuance. I ask that you bring the marriage license to me, already signed by two witnesses at least ½ hour BEFORE the ceremony. Also bring the envelope that you were given by the Clerk of Courts.

Kindly also include  MY FEE in cash or check. I will complete the necessary information required and return the document to the State. Within three weeks you will receive a certified copy of your marriage license which should be kept with your important papers.

Can we still get married even if one (or both) of us is divorced and we have not obtained an annulment ?

Yes, absolutely. Unlike the Catholic Church, many other religious denominations permit second marriages. Though the marriage bond is not to be taken lightly, some relationships and circumstances have certainly been less than desirable for some couples. I view individuals who have experienced a divorce as God’s children seeking a new beginning and a new life. It is my desire to provide you with the support, prayer, and guidance to embark on this new journey.

Can other ministers/rabbis be present at our ceremony ?

Yes, I frequently perform ceremonies with rabbis and ministers of other faiths.





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